Tim Boylen returns from London, a penniless expat with the dream of “hanging out his shingle” (which is one of the olde English expressions he picked up working for one of the UK’s largest communications agencies). Specialises in custom publishing.

New Kids on the Block announces they are breaking up, and incidentally, breaking millions of hearts.


Blue chip clients such as Flinders Medical Centre, Australian Hotels Association, SANFL and International College of Hotel Management sees that shingle moved from the door of a spare bedroom to offices on Fullarton Road.

Brazil win the FIFA World Cup, becoming the first team to achieve four wins. To date, they still have the most World Cups under their belt.


Introduces digital capability, to complement the graphic design and publishing business.

Twitter goes live. The first tweet ever published was by @jack and reads: “just setting up twttr”. The Internet has been dropping vwls snc 2006.
Photo credit: Yoga Perdana


In the coming years, the company fast-tracks its online development with strategic acquisitions of a web development agency and two software companies, as well as opening an office in Asia.

Chilean miners are extracted after being trapped 2,000 feet for 69 days. The event is televised and watched by more than 1 billion people.


Rebrands as Boylen. Clients now include Adelaide Convention Centre, Pernod Ricard, the Defence Teaming Centre and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. Foundation clients such as the AHA, SANFL and ICHM are still with us 21 years later, a fact we are enormously proud of.

World reacts to Boylen rebrand. Month long celebrations and rioting in streets.